[Slackbuilds-users] bitbucket killing mercurial will effect sbbdep download URL (temporary)

Ruben Schuller sb at rbn.im
Thu Dec 5 03:29:26 UTC 2019


2019-12-04 20:38 Harald Achitz <harald.achitz at gmail.com>:

> I have 2 options
> the first is:
> export the code to git, rename the hg repo
> create a new git repo with the original name
> import the code, the wiki (if, hopefully, possible) and add the
> downloads losing ticket history is sad but there is no way to keep
> this (thanks Atlassian)
> the second one,
> move the project to sourceforge and continue using hg

You may want to take a look at https://sourcehut.org/ and their
respective blog entry

NB: It will only be free while in development, but for the value
delivered the pricing (starting $2/month) feels fair.


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