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Marcelo Caballero Marcelo.Caballero at protonmail.com
Fri Dec 27 19:36:41 UTC 2019


All of the SlackBuilds that required to have a user and group they implement a restriction that prevents the script to continue if the user or group is missing.
I searched the FAQ and the wiki but I was unavailable to find anything related about this.

For example from the avahi readme: "First, be sure you have an "avahi" user and group. Do this *before* you install the avahi package."
So that means that we can run the SlackBuild without a user and group and then before we install the package we can add the user and group.
But the SlackBuild will fail without user/group...

This prevents one to build the package in a different machine (without to worry about users and groups) and then transfer the package and install it to the preferred machine.
Also any custom script or tool for building packages it would fail without to modified the SlackBuild first and remove the user and group restriction.

Regards Marcelo
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