[Slackbuilds-users] Merging python / python3 packages

Tim Dickson dickson.tim at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 20 10:48:12 UTC 2019

On 19/02/2019 23:34, Benjamin Trigona-Harany wrote:
> On 2019-02-19 12:22 a.m., Matteo Bernardini wrote:
>> Il giorno mar 19 feb 2019 alle ore 09:14 David Demelier
>> <markand at malikania.fr> ha scritto:
>>> In Slackware current, python packages are both provided for python 3 
>>> and
>>> python 2 using the same SlackBuild file.
>>> In SlackBuilds repository there are some duplications for the same
>>> packages. E.g. python3-Pygments and Pygments.
>> Hi David,
>> there has already been some talk about it and the plan should be
>> merging the eventual two versions of the Slackbuild in a single one
>> for both python-2.x and python3-3.x when the repository will be
>> migrated to the next Slackware version, keeping things untouched in
>> the meantime to avoid confusion and issues with dependencies.
> As Matteo mentioned, it's come up a few times on the list if you check 
> the archives. I'm strongly in favour of merging 2/3 into single 
> SlackBuilds and while this will mostly happen during the freeze before 
> 15.0, maintainers can start doing it now if they are comfortable 
> making Python 3 a *mandatory* dependency for their SlackBuilds. I'm 
> doing it for a lot of my Python scripts, e.g. 
> https://git.slackbuilds.org/slackbuilds/commit/?h=14.2&id=e41084eb60be64574dca5a993bb9ca3ceef6a1ea
> (Pygments is harder since there are separate maintainers for the 2 and 
> 3 versions)
> Ben
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I look after a few of python3 modules, but I only created them because 
the python(2) module version available didn't do python3, and the 3 
version was needed for a dep. I'm quite happy for the original (python2) 
build maintainer to add python3 support, (usually just a single line
python3 setup.py install --root=$PKG
  added to the build script after the "python setup.py install 
--root=$PKG" line) then my modules can get ditched. I do have a couple 
that are python3 only, they don't work on python2 and never will.

my slackbuilds that can be merged:
python3-docutils  (with docutils)
python3-pyserial (with pyserial)

ones that only work with python3:

regards, Tim

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