[Slackbuilds-users] composer invalid md5sum.

Fernando Lopez fernando.lopezjr at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 00:30:10 UTC 2019

Processing composer

Found composer.phar in /var/cache/sbopkg.
Checking MD5SUM:
  MD5SUM check for composer.phar ... FAILED!
    Expected: 3756c596b9359c9b1be51b0d4c07ab19
    Found:    45e6c402cc932cf8c0640c6304d105f8

Do you want to use the downloaded composer source:
composer.phar in /var/cache/sbopkg?

You can choose among the following options:
 - (Y)es, keep the source and continue the build process;
 - (N)o, delete the source and abort the build process;
 - (R)etry download and continue the build process; or
 - (A)ttempt to download from third party source repository.
(Y)es, (N)o, (R)etry, (A)lternative ?:


    Fernando Lopez Jr.
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