[Slackbuilds-users] git-cola, python3 and docutils

Christoph Willing chris.willing at linux.com
Tue Jun 25 07:10:53 UTC 2019

On 25/6/19 8:03 am, Ricardo J. Barberis wrote:
> El Viernes 21/06/2019 a las 20:35, Benjamin Trigona-Harany escribió:
>> On 2019-06-21 4:24 p.m., Ricardo J. Barberis wrote:
[snip]>> Sphinx and all its dependencies are already Python 3 builds
(and Python
>> 3 only since the Sphinx 2.0 release).
> You're right, of course.
> I shoudn't rely solely on hoorex, it seems:
> $ grep REQUIRES= development/Sphinx/Sphinx.info.build
> REQUIRES="alabaster imagesize python3-babel docutils Jinja2 python3-packaging 
> Pygments python-requests python3-six snowballstemmer sphinxcontrib-applehelp 
> sphinxcontrib-devhelp sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp sphinxcontrib-jsmath 
> sphinxcontrib-qthelp sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml"
> $ hoorex -r Sphinx
> python-chardet six imagesize MarkupSafe alabaster python-certifi docutils 
> Jinja2 pyparsing python-urllib3 pytz babel packaging sphinxcontrib-websupport 
> snowballstemmer Pygments typing idna python-requests Sphinx
> This is on my heavily modified -current box, but in the containers (stock 
> slackware 14.2 and slackware64 14.2) the output was very similar, i.e.: no 
> mention of python3.

The hoorex output depends on how up to date the internal records are.
Periodically (but especially at the moment while so many python3 related
dependency changes are being made each week) it's a good idea to run:
    hoorex -f
which forces it to reread .info files and recalculate the various

After such an update just now, the result for Sphinx is:

chris at d7:~$ hoorex -r Sphinx
python-chardet imagesize alabaster python-urllib3 pytz idna
python-certifi snowballstemmer python3 python-requests
sphinxcontrib-applehelp python3-babel sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml
docutils sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp sphinxcontrib-devhelp MarkupSafe
Pygments sphinxcontrib-jsmath Jinja2 python3-six python3-pyparsing
sphinxcontrib-qthelp python3-packaging Sphinx

- lots of python3 related stuff.


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