[Slackbuilds-users] Jack policy

Franzen slackbuilds at schoepfer.info
Thu Nov 28 08:42:22 UTC 2019

> I've been struggling with this on SBo for years. Last time I asked this list,
> the consensus was to just make a note in the README that *either* jack-audio-
> blah or jack2 were required.

That was my thought too, but willy rejected that on my last builds by 
putting jack2 in REQUIRES.

> Even so,
> it's nearly 2020, and I feel like "most" users could safely default to jack2.

The previous posts showed that there is no better or discontinued jack,
to make a dependeing build work both seem to do the job.

For now, i'll change my builds to jack-audio-connection-kit, maybe the 
last two other builds from other maintainer follow.


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