[Slackbuilds-users] KMyMoney 4.8.4 breaks Print to File

cnguyenminhtan at free.fr cnguyenminhtan at free.fr
Thu Sep 26 07:32:56 UTC 2019

Sorry for typo error. One should read at end of first paragraph:

  There is no file created in the directory where I said it should be 
created and there is no error message.

Le 2019-09-26 07:30, cnguyenminhtan at free.fr a écrit :
> Hello,
> I can reproduce the lack of PDF file when printing on Slackware64 14.2
> fully patched with kmymoney 4.8.4 built using SlackBuilds.org script.
> After the printing windows is closed, nothing happens. There is no
> file created when I said it should and an error message.
> I don't have a printer available to check if printing to printer works.
> I don't use printing with kmymoney so I cannot say whether it worked
> in the previous version.
> Hope this helps.
> Christophe Nguyen
> Le 2019-09-24 15:21, Erich Ritz a écrit :
>> Upgrading to KMyMoney 4.8.4 breaks the "Print to File (PDF)" feature
>> for me when printing report tables.
>> Upstream told me to take it up with my distribution:
>> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=405061#c5
>> Can anybody else reproduce?  If so, I'll open a new bug report
>> upstream.  My original report was a comment to an existing issue,
>> since I was able to track the problem to a specific commit.
>> I'm using 64-bit Slackware 14.2.  It's not explicitly mentioned below,
>> but I can reproduce the issue on 2 different computers.
>> Here was my original bug report:
>> Commit 15ac7d472af41fc503dc5209643cfc8b392b0089 breaks "Print to PDF" 
>> for me.
>> I noticed after upgrading to 4.8.4 that "Print to File (PDF)" no
>> longer worked for printing report tables.  Doing a git bisect, I
>> learned that 15ac7d472 "Add print support for report charts" is what
>> broke "Print to File (PDF)".  Reverting this commit on top of branch
>> 4.8 (HEAD was at 0ae5377fd "Fix reverse sort order handling in
>> register" at time of testing) restored "Print to PDF" functionality
>> for me.
>> I am using Slackware64 14.2 (latest stable version of Slackware
>> 64-bit, with all patches installed).  KMyMoney was compiled using the
>> build script from
>> https://slackbuilds.org/repository/14.2/office/kmymoney/
>> Steps to reproduce:
>> Choose Reports, 1. Income and Expenses -> Income and Expenses This
>> Month (Default Report)
>> Then choose Print, Print to File (PDF).
>> 4.8.4 fails to create the PDF (but it does ask for confirmation when
>> trying to overwrite an existing PDF).
>> It gets weirder, though: on my home laptop, choosing the "Print to
>> File (PDF)" option actually sends the job to my physical printer.
>> This caused me to burn through a lot of paper, because the printer is
>> in a different room, and I didn't realize it was printing...

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