[Slackbuilds-users] Multiple SBo packages broken after upgrading qt5

flinchx flinchx at protonmail.com
Sun Apr 19 23:05:14 UTC 2020

A couple of weeks ago qt5 on SBo got bumped from 5.9 to 5.12. Since I'm following the SBo mailing list, I saw there were some rough edges and decided to wait for a while before things stabilize.

After this week update, I checked the mailing list again. There is a thread about qt5-webkit - not relevant for qt5 (?). There is a thread about building qt5 taking lots of time. Well, that's a known fact that qt5 is big.

My qt5 built and installed fine with sbopkg:

$ ls /var/log/packages | grep qt5-5

I didn't dig up the whole giant build log, I wouldn't understand there anything anyway. But listing the output directory of sbopkg:

$ ls -l qt5-5*
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 120490737 Apr 20 01:06 qt5-5.12.8-x86_64-1_SBo.tgz
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 104838125 Dec 22 10:28 qt5-5.9.9-x86_64-1_SBo.tgz

at least shows that a package of comparable size was produced and installed.

Next thing I did was to rebuilt qt5ct, since the qt5 README advertises it shall work. It built and installed fine.

But it fails to run:

$ qt5ct
QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to '/tmp/runtime-shadow'
QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to '/tmp/runtime-shadow'
Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50909) with this library (version 0x50c08)

I've got exactly the same startup error message after rebuilding and installing qbittorrent-qt5 which is advertised to work as well in qt5 README.

I have also tried to rebuild RetroShare, it produces a crippled package with no "retroshare" executable at all. The log shows there was some compile error and for this one, the suggestion from the qt5 README should be followed:

Please report any problems about applications that don't
work correctly to the Qt5 maintainer or to the mailing list.

but I believe it's a bit premature to bug the RS maintainer at this point, since other software (see above) doesn't work either, even if it compiles.

What am I doing wrong and what did I miss?

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