[Slackbuilds-users] hwinfo

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 17:34:29 UTC 2020

Looks like the SlackBuild needs -j1 on the make command line... and the
long process in the build (./check_hd) does take forever.

What check_hd seems to be doing is checking for duplicates in the hardware
ID lists that ship with the source, and combining them into one master
list. It looks to me like the result is always going to be the same,
for the same version of hwinfo, which means upstream really should have
shipped the complete database instead of making everyone generate it at
build time... I guess they were trying to save space and bandwidth.

You guys who have recently built hwinfo can confirm this. After the build:

$ md5sum /tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd*.{ids,h}
bbf954f94de75b4fdd3c0c48580336e7  /tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd.ids
6694a514959acc15ebec8e85b61b4fba  /tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd_tiny.ids
209983a81cc08f8b202d3083acf577d0  /tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd_ids.h
eed2aadf1806e77818caeef37e278366  /tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd_ids_tiny.h

Your md5sums should match mine.

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