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Sun Jan 5 20:51:06 UTC 2020

Re: SlackBuilds-users 05.01.2020 <4a7ea78b-ac81-d451-1d44-737fdc7e1bd6 at yahoo.de>
>First I also had issues building hwinfo, but after adding "make static" it
>built fine. I have MAKEFLAGES=" -j5" set in my /etc/profile, however the
>./check_hd command took like forever to build and used only one thread.
>The checksums match:
>bbf954f94de75b4fdd3c0c48580336e7 /home/tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd.ids
>209983a81cc08f8b202d3083acf577d0 /home/tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd_ids.h
>B Watson schrieb:
>> Looks like the SlackBuild needs -j1 on the make command line... and the
>> long process in the build (./check_hd) does take forever.
>> What check_hd seems to be doing is checking for duplicates in the hardware
>> ID lists that ship with the source, and combining them into one master
>> list. It looks to me like the result is always going to be the same,
>> for the same version of hwinfo, which means upstream really should have
>> shipped the complete database instead of making everyone generate it at
>> build time... I guess they were trying to save space and bandwidth.
>> You guys who have recently built hwinfo can confirm this. After the build:
>> $ md5sum /tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd*.{ids,h}
>> bbf954f94de75b4fdd3c0c48580336e7  /tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd.ids
>> 6694a514959acc15ebec8e85b61b4fba  /tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd_tiny.ids
>> 209983a81cc08f8b202d3083acf577d0  /tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd_ids.h
>> eed2aadf1806e77818caeef37e278366  /tmp/SBo/hwinfo-21.67/src/ids/hd_ids_tiny.h
>> Your md5sums should match mine.
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Now even better)

hwinfo --short
> pci.5: xenОшибка сегментирования

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