[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20200118.1

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Sat Jan 18 05:56:14 UTC 2020

Hello everyone

You did another amazing job this week.
Lots of new scripts, version update, and also some removal.

Urchlay is going to work on jack-audio-connection-kit > jack2 transition
and i will be working on letsencrypt transition. Upstream is now moving
towards Python3 only for future letsencrypt/certbot and as this script
is used in many production systems, i need some time to make sure it
works. Almost all of the deps need to be rebuilt against Python 3, but i
will post more information for next public update.

Urchlay is also working on some mini project to improve our website
functionality. Stay tune for more updates :)

Sat Jan 18 05:26:22 UTC 2020
academic/WordNet: Assume maintainership
academic/antiprism: Assume maintainership
academic/coq: Updated for version 8.9.0.
academic/tabix: Removed.
academic/wehi-weasel: Updated for version
academic/xcircuit: Assume maintainership
academic/zotero: Updated for version 5.0.81.
audio/alsa-plugin-jack: Fix README.
audio/alsa-plugin-jack: Fix download link.
audio/audioconvert: Assume maintainership
audio/azr3: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
audio/calf: Demote lash from required to optional dep.
audio/deezer-desktop-for-linux: Removed (No longer maintained upstream).
audio/drumkv1: Updated for version 0.9.12.
audio/ecasound: Updated for version 2.9.3.
audio/faac: Updated for version 1.30.
audio/faad2: Updated for version 2.9.1.
audio/horgand: Fix first-time startup.
audio/jack2: Remove --profile build option.
audio/ngjackspa: Fix homepage and download.
audio/padthv1: Updated for version 0.9.12.
audio/samplv1: Updated for version 0.9.12.
audio/synthv1: Updated for version 0.9.12.
audio/tapiir: Fix homepage and download.
audio/tta: Assume maintainership
audio/tuxguitar: Make .desktop file validate.
audio/xcfa: Assume maintainership
desktop/Buku: Assume maintainership.
desktop/draco: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
desktop/gnome-menus: New maintainer.
desktop/xfce4-datetime-plugin: Updated for version 0.8.0.
development/Fennel: Updated for version 0.3.2.
development/android-studio: Make .desktop file validate.
development/atom-amd64: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
development/avr-binutils: Assume maintainership
development/avra: Assume maintainership
development/avrdude: Assume maintainership
development/bless: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
development/cgit: Updated for version 1.2.2.
development/composer: Updated for version 1.9.2
development/gambas3: Updated for version 3.14.3.
development/google-go-lang: Updated to version go1.13.5.
development/kakoune: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
development/kotlin: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
development/neovim: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
development/netbeans: Make .desktop file validate.
development/nwjs: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
development/portaudio: Fix builds with jack/jack2.
development/re2c: Updated for version 1.3.
development/setedit: Added (a friendly text editor).
development/smartsvn: Make .desktop file validate.
development/snappy: Return to original maintainer.
development/sublime_merge: Make .desktop file validate.
development/swi-prolog: Updated for version 8.0.3.
development/textadept: Updated for version 10.8.
development/tidy-html5: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
development/vscode-bin: Make .desktop file validate.
development/zope.interface: Add python3 support.
games/abuse: Assume maintainership
games/antares: Moved from graphics.
games/lbreakout2: Assume maintainership
games/smokinguns: Assume maintainership
games/vkQuake: Updated for version 1.04.0.
graphics/icc_profiles: Added (Rec709 and ITU color management).
graphics/icc_profiles_from_eci: Added (ECI ICC profiles).
graphics/iccprofiles: Removed (see icc_profiles).
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.20.
ham/direwolf: Updated for version 1.5.
ham/hamlib: New maintainer.
ham/qrq: New maintainer.
ham/tlf: New maintainer.
ham/wsjtx: New maintainer.
ham/xdemorse: Make .desktop file validate.
ham/xdx: New maintainer.
ham/xlog: New maintainer.
haskell/haskell-microlens: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
haskell/haskell-pipes: Added (stream processing library).
lbraries/librhtv: Fix build.
libraries/SimGear: Fix DOWNLOAD url.
libraries/antlr4: Updated for version 4.8.
libraries/configobj: Updated for version 5.0.6, python3 support.
libraries/ftgl: Disable docs to avoid texlive.
libraries/hdf5: Updated for version 1.8.21.
libraries/leptonica: Updated for version 1.79.0.
libraries/libdbusmenu: Updated for version 18.10.20180917~bzr492.
libraries/libmp4v2: Updated for version 20191108_9084868.
libraries/libthai: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
libraries/libxml++3: Updated for version 3.2.0.
libraries/live555: Updated for version 2020.01.11
libraries/ntl: Updated for version 11.4.3.
libraries/pyPEG2: Assume maintainership
libraries/zope.component: Add python3 support.
libraries/zope.event: Add python3 support.
misc/cksfv: Assume maintainership
misc/goldencheetah: Updated for version 3.5.
misc/projectM: Fix build against latest ftgl.
multimedia/flashplayer-plugin: Updated for version
multimedia/obs-studio: Updated for version 24.0.6
multimedia/pepperflash-plugin: Updated for version
network/AdGuardHome: Updated for version 0.100.9.
network/NetworkManager-pptp: Updated for version 1.2.8.
network/acme.sh: Updated for version 2.8.4.
network/arping: Assume maintainership
network/brave-browser: Updated for version 1.2.42.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 88.4.172.
network/fping6: Removed. See fping3 (soon to be fping)
network/fping: Removed. See fping3 (soon to be fping)
network/ipvsadm: Assume maintainership
network/keepalived: Assume maintainership
network/lxi-tools: Make .desktop file validate.
network/nbtscan: Assume maintainership
network/neomutt: Fix script.
network/pptp: Assume maintainership
network/prosody-mod-http-upload: Updated for version hg3838.
network/prosody-mod-smacks: Updated for version hg3841.
network/qbittorrent-qt5: Fix email.
network/qbittorrent-qt5: Remove unwanted file
network/remmina: Make .desktop file validate.
network/sabnzbd: Updated for version 2.3.9.
network/sshpass: Assume maintainership
network/telegram: Updated for version 1.9.4.
network/tinyproxy: Assume maintainership
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 9.0.4.
network/vivaldi: Updated for version 2.10.1745.27.
network/vnatst: Updated for version 2.5.
network/wireguard-linux-compat: Fixed build for non-running kernel
network/wireguard-tools: Fix script.
network/xl2tpd: Assume maintainership
network/yadifa: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
network/zoom-linux: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
office/aspell6-es: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
office/pandoc-bin: Updated for version
office/timew: Updated for version 1.2.0.
office/treesheets: Assume maintainership
perl/perl-IO-Interface: Assume maintainership
perl/perl-IO-String: Assume maintainership
perl/perl-Math-BigInt-GMP: Assume maintainership
perl/perl-Math-BigInt: Assume maintainership
perl/perl-Path-Tiny: Updated for version 0.110.
perl/perl-Template-Toolkit: Updated for version 3.006.
perl/perl-net-mpd: Added (perl Module).
python/Unidecode: Add python3 support.
python/imagesize: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
python/mock: Add python3 support.
python/pbr: Add python3 support.
python/ptyprocess: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
python/pycryptodome: Add Python 3 support.
python/pyrfc3339: Add python3 support.
python/python-augeas: Add python3 support.
python/python-d2to1: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
python/python-parsedatetime: Add python3 support.
python/python-stsci.distutils: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
python/python3-aiohttp-socks: Updated for version 0.3.4.
python/python3-django: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
python/python3-ptyprocess: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
python/testtools: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
python/typed_ast: Updated for version 1.4.1.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20200115.
ruby/rubygem-ruby_parser: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
sbo/scripts: Email changes
system/ack: Updated for version 3.3.1.
system/anacron: Marked as orphaned (no SBo maintainer)
system/ansible: Updated for version 2.9.3.
system/chronograf: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
system/coolkey: Assume maintainership
system/disk-manager: Make .desktop file validate.
system/flashcards: Fix app failing to start.
system/magiic: Updated for version 0.3.
system/nologind: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
system/nvidia-legacy340-driver: Updated for version 340.108.
system/nvidia-legacy340-kernel: Updated for version 340.108.
system/opensc: Updated for version 0.20.0.
system/pcsc-lite: Updated for version 1.8.26.
system/posixovl: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
system/powerkit: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
system/rEFInd: Added (An EFI boot manager utility).
system/rdiff-backup: Assume maintainership
system/s6-linux-init: Added (tools to create s6-based init system).
system/system76-power: Updated for version 1.1.2.
system/telegraf: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
system/tinyterm: Updated for version 0.6.0.
system/ttf-dark-courier: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.
system/ttf-ibm-plex: Updated for version 4.0.2.
system/usermin: Updated for version 1.790.
system/wine-staging: Assume maintainership
system/xbrightness: Convert slack-desc to ASCII.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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