[Slackbuilds-users] Unmaintained vscode source SlackBuild

414N 414N at slacky.it
Sun Jan 26 10:24:22 UTC 2020


the current vscode SlackBuild that builds Visual Studio Code from source
is lagging several releases behind (1.21.1 vs 1.41.1).

In the past, I contacted the current maintainer (Andreas Guldstrand) and
sent him patches to update the build, but no update has ever been
published. Further contact attempts, were I volunteered to take over
maintainership of the SlackBuild if he was not interested anymore, were
given no reply at all.

I'm now trying to reach him via the mailing list, but if this fails too
I ultimately demand the admins if I can take over maintainership of the
vscode SlackBuild.



Alan Alberghini

SBo clone: GitHub <https://github.com/414n/slackbuilds.org>

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