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Shrivats nastavs at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 06:55:45 UTC 2020


I sent this to the maintainer(also cc'd here)  a month back and there's no
response from them so far.

If there's no objection, can we please update the package to the latest,
with the attached patch that fixes build issues?


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Hope this finds you well and safe - I noticed that the slackbuild for ocaml
<https://slackbuilds.org/repository/14.2/development/ocaml/> that has your
name listed as the maintainer is woefully out of date. So, I went ahead to
get it working on the latest 4.11.1 version of ocaml and I have attached
the diff here.

In summary:
* No more pre-build patching activity. Delete the .patch file
* CFLAGS didn't work correctly, it was failing while linking the assembly.
Pointed it directly to /usr/bin/as through the AS env var
* DESTDIR for building target packages for installs on other machines.

Would you be able to get it updated on SBo, please?

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