[Slackbuilds-users] gmic with latest opencv

Christoph Willing chris.willing at linux.com
Tue Oct 20 13:47:17 UTC 2020

On 20/10/20 10:24 pm, Willy Sudiarto Raharjo wrote:
>> Last April I contacted the graphics/gmic maintainer with details of
>> modest changes required to gmic.SlackBuild when building with the latest
>> version of opencv. At that time I updated the opencv.SlackBuild for
>> version 4.3.0 on the basis that the gmic maintainer would update gmic's
>> SlackBuild accordingly.
>> I have now updated opencv to 4.5.0 and found that the SlackBuild for
>> gmic still hasn't been updated. For those needing to build gmic with the
>> latest opencv, the changes required for gmic.SlackBuild are as follows:
>> 1. change the line:
>>     make -C src cli lib libc WGET=/bin/true LIBS=${LDFLAGS} -j1 to now be:
>>     make -C src cli lib libc WGET=/bin/true LIBS=${LDFLAGS}
>> 2. change the line:
>>     SLKCFLAGS="-O0 -fPIC -fno-fast-math"
>> (under "elif [ "$ARCH" = "x86_64" ]; then") to now be:
>>     SLKCFLAGS="-O3 -fPIC"
>> Presumably the other architectures could probably also be changed to -O3
>> but I haven't looked at that yet.
>> Further, gmic's README states that opencv should not be built with qt5
>> installed. This is no longer correct and should be removed from the README.
> Hi Chris
> can you push this update in your branch?



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