[Slackbuilds-users] Bad character in snappy.info

Richard Narron richard at aaazen.com
Sat Jun 12 20:35:25 UTC 2021

On Thu, 10 Jun 2021, Arnaud via SlackBuilds-users wrote:

> > If we use UTF-8 for names in Spanish, where does it end?
> >
> > I cannot easily recognize UTF-8 names in Chinese or Thai or Russian or
> > Japanese.
> >
> > My keyboard does not easily support such languages.
> >
> > If we allow UTF-8 names in SlackBuild scripts then how about UTF-8 in
> > documentation and descriptions?
> >
> > Where does it end?
> >
> > I would hope that we keep the English language as a standard for
> > software that I can, read and write and that matches my keyboard.
> >
> > Richard Narron
> 	Well,mostly, you do not need to write people's names, and you could
> always easily cut and paste them.
> So it could stop at them names.

  I do not use UTF-8 much. So cutting and pasting do not work for me.

> 	To be noted that UTF-8 email addresses are valid, per the standard, so
> we can't really forbid UTF-8 in EMAIL field, so .info files should be UTF-8
> valid, hence MAINTAINER field could also have UTF-8.
> 	That being said, as a rule, everything should always work with UTF-8.

  I think there are two issues.

  One is using UTF-8 for data which I have no problem with and
  two using UTF-8 for programming code.

  I feel that adding characters to computer language character sets
(c, c++, perl, python, bash) just makes them more complex and harder to
understand and debug.

  So if the issue is whether or not to allow UTF-8 in bash scripts, then I
vote no.

Richard Narron

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