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Erich Ritz erich.public at protonmail.com
Sat Mar 6 04:33:56 UTC 2021

Hi UpNort,

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On Friday, March 5, 2021 1:11 PM, UpNort <upnort at tushmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Proposal: SBo build scripts check locally for the downloaded sources and
> validate the md5sum.

I disagree: a SlackBuild is for building a package - no more, no less.

> I always hen-pecked my way through SBo to build the packages I want.
> Doable on a single package basis. Now that I am trying to help test
> Current with at least the packages I use, I notice some inefficiency at
> my end.
> The Current git clone (fork) does not contain the sources. That's ok and
> I don't expect that, even with the parent SBo site.
> Yet when I copy a specific SBo package directory to a build environment,
> the sources still do not exist locally. While the parent SBo site has
> links to the sources, with the git clone I have to open the info file to
> find the upstream location and manually download.

Yes, this is what the .info file is for.

> Perhaps all SBo scripts could automate this. Before executing the tar
> command verify the sources exist in $CWD. Use the info file to download
> as necessary. Then validate the sources with md5sum from the info file.
> I realize third party packages automate this, but for people manually
> installing SBo packages the modifications would save time and offer
> nominal security.

If you want it to be automated, please use one of the tools that already do all this for you.  The SlackBuilds.org philosophy is to provide the information needed for you to use any tools you would like.  Each component does one thing and does it well.

I have used both sbopkg and slackrepo - they are both excellent.

Shoehorning this functionality into each and every SlackBuild actually decreases "security" as it just increases code copying and the chances for mistakes.  I would be against adding such code to the SlackBuilds I maintain, at least.

Originally, like you I preferred to use the SlackBuilds manually.  After managing more than several SBo packages I realized this was just a waste of time and looked into how to automate the process.  This led me to realize other people had already written automation tools.  So I used them.  I suggest you find the tool(s) you like best and use them.

> Just a thought.
> Thanks.
> P.S. I am not a member of the list.
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