[Slackbuilds-users] Maxima and wxMaxima

Judah Milgram milgram at cgpp.com
Thu Mar 18 15:29:57 UTC 2021

1) The wxMaxima package needs to be updated for v16 -> v21. The
maintainer hasn't responded to email after a few weeks but if need be
I'm willing to take it over. Already have a package ready to go for v21.

2) Earlier, as the Maxima maintainer didn't respond after a couple of
months, I volunteered to take it over and got the go-ahead from the SBo
leads. Am trying to upload a new package (for v5.44) but no luck -
getting "File exists" This is probably from an earlier attempt of my own
from a couple of weeks ago. It's not in the pending or ready queues. Is
there something I'm doing wrong here?



Judah Milgram
milgram at cgpp.com

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