[Slackbuilds-users] peer-to-peer: aMule / mldonkey , gnutella, soulseek, transmission-qt, etc.?

B. Watson urchlay at slackware.uk
Thu May 5 06:03:08 UTC 2022

On Thu, 5 May 2022, KB_SBo wrote:

> On 3/17/22 20:37, David Chmelik wrote:
>>      I hope to see transmission-qt back.  The transmission-gtk doesn't
>> seem to be able to change to a 'night mode' (bright text on black.)
> eh?  Back from where?

For a while, there was a separate transmission-qt4 SlackBuild for
14.2, which was an older version of transmission that worked with
qt4. I removed it when we were getting ready for the 15.0 repo, and
enabled the qt5 UI in the regular transmission SlackBuild.

Later I added qt4 to SBo, but didn't re-add transmission-qt4 because I
don't see any use for it.

David Chmelik, if you want there to be a transmission-qt4 build again,
you could submit one. I'm not interested in maintaining it, but you
can if you like. You can even use the old transmission-qt4 from the
14.2 repo as a starting point: it shouldn't need much modification
(probably change "qmake" to "qmake-qt4", and add REQUIRES="qt4" and
your name/email to the .info file). Make sure it doesn't conflict with
the regular transmission package (don't use transmission-qt for the
executable filename, .desktop file, etc).

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