[Slackbuilds-users] github URL - Content Disposition Part 3

Dave Woodfall dave at slackbuilds.org
Fri May 6 13:48:45 UTC 2022

On 06/05/22 08:28,
Konrad J Hambrick <kjhambrick at gmail.com> put forth the proposition:
> All --
> I've got still more github-related questions.
> The gmic project ( https://gmic.eu/ ) was  reorganized between versions 2
> and 3.
> The gmic version 2.9.4 source code included the source for the zart
> subproject, but now zart is in a separate github  Project ( URL =
> https://github.com/c-koi/zart )
> There are no tags and no versions on the zart project.
> I can download zart via wget like so:
> # wget https://github.com/c-koi/zart/archive/master/zart.tar.gz
> This returns a viable tar archive.  However, the root directory is
> zart-master/ instead of simply zart/ as the SlackBuild expects
> If I `mv zart-master /tmp/SBo/gmic-3.1,0/` then the I can use the existing
> gmic.SlackBuilt to create gmic-3.1.0-x86_64-1_SBo.tgz
> Q1:  Does it matter that there is no version on zart ?

A definitive version is best, or it can't be verified as usable.

> Q2:  Is it bad form to rename / move the contents of a tar-archive after
> extracting it ?

A better idea is to find the latest commit hash and do something

https://github.com/c-koi/zart/archive/<first 7 chars of hash>/zart-<long hash>.tar.gz

That's offhand from memory

> Thanks
> -- kjh


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