[Slackbuilds-users] KiCad not loading symbols

Daniel Prosser dpross1100 at msn.com
Sun May 8 22:02:30 UTC 2022

Hi Tim,

I think the trick was that I had to delete ~/.config/kicad, and then the 
next time I started it up, it gave me the option to copy over the global 
symbols table. Thanks for the pointers!


On 5/8/22 03:02, Tim Dickson via SlackBuilds-users wrote:
> Hi Dan, when you first run kicad you need to create a project (this is 
> directory and main file). then you need to start with the schematic 
> editor, and kicad will ask for the locations of the files, giving you 
> the option to copy the default global symbol table, which you should 
> do (because the slackware packages install global data files, and 
> kicad expects each user to use their own copy)
> Now you can place devices on the schematic, and power rails and 
> connections between them. (that works fine on mine)
> then you need to set the footprints for each device (the physical 
> sizes of the devices). Finally, you can open the pcb editor, and load 
> in your schematic. you can then place the devices, and sort out the 
> routing etc.
> If you did the kicad-packages-3D then you are also able to view a 
> preview of your circuit board in 3d.
> I didn't have to set any environment variables or do anything special. 
> (at least to get as far as the schematic editor and adding parts from 
> the library)
> Regards, Tim
> On 08/05/2022 04:25, Daniel Prosser wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Hopefully someone knows something about KiCad and can tell me what 
>> I'm doing wrong. I am a complete novice trying to learn how to use 
>> it. I installed it from SBo along with all dependencies as well as 
>> most of the extra packages (kicad-symbols, kicad-templates, 
>> kicad-footprints, skipped kicad-packages3D because it's so huge), but 
>> when I go to insert a symbol in the schematic editor, there are none 
>> available. I checked in the preferences and it does have the relevant 
>> environment variable pointing to /usr/share/kicad/library, where 
>> kicad-symbols installs the files, but it still doesn't "see" them 
>> there. Also, there were no symbols installed by the base kicad 
>> package; I'm not sure if that is expected or not.
>> Am I missing some simple step to load the symbols library, or did 
>> something go wrong with the build?
>> Thanks,
>> Dan
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