[Slackbuilds-users] policy request: don't alter/overwrite system files without consent!

David Chmelik davidnchmelik at gmail.com
Tue May 10 07:21:14 UTC 2022

On 5/9/22 8:27 AM, B. Watson wrote:
> On Mon, 9 May 2022, David Chmelik wrote:
>> [...]   A recent critical offender is dropbear SSH(D.)  I installed 
>> to try alternative SSH client then found it overwrites Slackware's 
>> sshd and I could no longer remotely connect (had to go there 
>> physically)--this is /extremely/ bad (README doesn't even warn you!: 
>> ) let user/sysadmin decide if they want to replace such things 
>> themselves (/after/ installing) or just try out!
> Hm, how long ago was that, what version of dropbear? The one we 
> currently have in the repo doesn't do this (I just checked).
Recent years to earlier 2022 but now I verified fixed.

>>         Another problem for years was several/many fonts, which got 
>> so bad I simply quit installing fonts from SBo but would like to 
>> again... what several do is overwrite system font configuration, then 
>> when I opened programs such as a text editor, default fonts had been 
>> replaced with ones that shrunk to unreadable size...
> Can you tell us which font builds caused this problem? Email the 
> maintainers of those builds explaining the issue.
That year, stress of reinstalling caused me give up fonts; maybe someday.

>> Font configuration overwrite was also critically bad for me, because 
>> I didn't know there was font configuration and couldn't
> Removing the offending font packages didn't fix the problem?
I doubt, but hard to know wasn't Slackware bug, because not 
configuration I set.  If it overwrote, confusing/risky in contrast to 
Unix (FreeBSD, etc.) local/extra/unofficial packages go in 
/usr/local/{bin|etc|lib}...   Apparently problem likely was n-font.conf 
files, n less than default, loaded in order; possibly didn't overwrite 
system but 'got in front:' equally bad (should go to optional directory 
(may exist for fonts) or /usr/doc/font sample/example configuration one 
can /choose/.)  There are approaching 50 /etc/fonts/conf.d/*.conf and 
approaching 100 /etc/fonts/conf.avail/*.conf, some approaching 10KB, so 
was exhausting debugging.

> Also after removal, run "fc-cache -f" as root (or just reboot; the 
> boot scripts run this for you).
I started doing that after installation but don't plan to remove any (if 
I try extras again, after these years, it'll possibly be easier to 
figure out what happened.)

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