[Slackbuilds-users] werkzeug, click, and Flask upgrades

fourtysixandtwo fourtysixandtwo at sliderr.net
Sat May 14 03:17:30 UTC 2022

Hi all,

I uploaded upgrades today along with two legacy builds, werkzeug-legacy1
and click-legacy7.

Since these upgrades have many dependant slackbuilds (51 in total), I'd
like to give an update on the result of my testing.  If you're a maintainer
of one of those builds, you'll be getting an email from me in the next
couple days.

-the following builds were already non-functional
  network/FireWorks (upgrade available, but needs work)
  network/flexget (upgrade available, but needs a lot of work)
  python/odoo (upgrade available, but needs work and a form filled out to
  python/Flask-Security (unmaintained, but there's an updated fork)
  python/flask-restplus (unmaintained, but there's a replacement)
-the following need to use the legacy builds as specified to work
  network/onionshare  (werkzeug-legacy1)
  python/Kallithea  (click-legacy7)
  gis/gj2ascii  (click-legacy7)
  office/watson  (click-legacy7)
-everything else I have a patch for to get working and passes a rudimentary
functional test
  -most of the Flask related builds are python2 and Jinja2 (now included in
15) is only python3.
  -majority are easily fixed by adding python3 to the build and an updated

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