[Slackbuilds-users] icecast at SBo

С. Болоканаръ sbolokanov at abv.bg
Mon May 1 15:01:36 UTC 2023


Since I use icecast for a small private radio, I've asked marc if I can take over it and he has granted me his permission.

I will make a PR soon(ish).

-- С. С. Болоканаръ

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 >От: Marcel Saegebarth marc at mos6581.de

 >Относно: Re: icecast at SBo

 >До: С. Болоканаръ  

 >Изпратено на: 01.05.2023 17:06


>Sorry for the late response.


>I don't maintain any script anymore since a couple of years.

>Feel free to grab them.





>Am 26.04.2023 um 00:03 schrieb С. Болоканаръ:

>> Hello there.


>> For a while now there has been a newer version of icecast - 2.4.4.


>> Do you still use icecast? If not I would like to pick up maintaining the 

>> script.


>> Best regards,


>> -- С. С. Болоканаръ

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