[Slackbuilds-users] Including runit script with slackbuild?

Erich Ritz erich.public at protonmail.com
Mon May 1 15:04:00 UTC 2023

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On Friday, April 28th, 2023 at 8:20 AM, Jeremy Hansen <jebrhansen+SBo at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 25, 2023, 4:56 AM Charadon via SlackBuilds-users <slackbuilds-users at slackbuilds.org> wrote:
> > Hey all,
> > 
> > I want to include runit scripts with my earlyoom slackbuild. What's the
> > policy with it? Do I have to include an environment variable like
> > RUNIT=YES so the user can choose if they want it, or can I just include it?
> > 
> > - Charadon
> If it's part of the program, I'd probably include it in the default location. Pat does the same thing with systemd scripts.¹ He won't modify a package to remove functionality that others might choose to later use simply to save a few KB.
> If it isn't included with the program by default, that is more up to you. It may not be a bad idea to include it in the doc directory with a note in the README that it's available if someone wants to incorporate it, or using Chris's idea of keeping scripts in a separate repo.
> Jeremy
> ¹ https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/systemd-creeping-into-slackware-4175614385/#post5762104

On a similar note 2 programs I maintain (bat and dust) include fish completion files.  I include them with the SBo package, even though I don't use fish, because I noticed a few other programs I use also include fish completion files and it doesn't hurt to include them.

As someone who doesn't use runit, I certainly wouldn't mind having the runit scripts included as long as they don't interfere with anything else (I assume they wouldn't).


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