[Slackbuilds-users] orphaned buildscripts

Giancarlo Dessì slack at giand.it
Sat May 13 19:54:54 UTC 2023

Il 13/05/23 20:44, KB_SBo ha scritto:
> On 5/13/23 07:30, Giancarlo Dessì wrote:
>> Il 13/05/23 16:11, Giancarlo Dessì ha scritto:
>>> Il 13/05/23 07:15, Giancarlo Dessì ha scritto:
>>>> Il 13/05/23 03:02, KB_SBo ha scritto:
>>>>> All:
>>>>> While assisting a friend in getting some software compiled, he emailed
>>>>> the currently listed SBo maintainer:
>>>>>> Benjamin Trigona-Harany, the former qgis maintainer, wrote that he
>>>>>> dropped
>>>>>> all his SBo packages two years ago.
>>>> The following are slackbuilds that I use. I can take them.
>>>> academic/Shark
>>>> gis/OTB
>>>> gis/SFCGAL
>>>> libraries/libkml
>>> I can take also   /gis/xplanet
>> Sorry, I got wrong in my previous posts because I've included some
>> packages already taken by KB_SBo
>> Fix my list, I'll take these:
>> gis/saga-gis
>> gis/SFCGAL
>> gis/xplanet
>> libraries/libkml
>> I reserve to take some more by the category gis or academic if remaining
>> orphaned
> Giancarlo,
> If you are interested, take as many orphaned gis/ an academic/ as you
> like!  The qgis and some deps, I grabbed to help out Rich and I'll be
> working on those today.
> I also took gis/xplanet, but may not have time to do an update for
> awhile.  If you want xplanet, take it.
> -kb
Thanks KB. At the moment I'm working on saga-gis. I adapted the 
slackbuild to the last release and it works fine in my system, but cmake 
does not find an optional dependency, so I'm testing the build with 
various configurations. After saga-gis I try SFCGAL and then xplanet if 
is not still updated.

Giancarlo Dessì

Slackware Linux... because it works!

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