[Slackbuilds-users] orphaned buildscripts

Giancarlo Dessì slack at giand.it
Mon May 15 21:04:17 UTC 2023

Il 13/05/23 21:54, Giancarlo Dessì ha scritto:
> Il 13/05/23 20:44, KB_SBo ha scritto:
>> On 5/13/23 07:30, Giancarlo Dessì wrote:
>>> Il 13/05/23 16:11, Giancarlo Dessì ha scritto:
>>>> Il 13/05/23 07:15, Giancarlo Dessì ha scritto:
>>>>> Il 13/05/23 03:02, KB_SBo ha scritto:
>>>>>> All:
>>>>>> While assisting a friend in getting some software compiled, he 
>>>>>> emailed
>>>>>> the currently listed SBo maintainer:
>>>>>>> Benjamin Trigona-Harany, the former qgis maintainer, wrote that he
>>>>>>> dropped
>>>>>>> all his SBo packages two years ago.
>>>>> The following are slackbuilds that I use. I can take them.
>>>>> academic/Shark
>>>>> gis/OTB
>>>>> gis/SFCGAL
>>>>> libraries/libkml
>>>> I can take also   /gis/xplanet
>>> Sorry, I got wrong in my previous posts because I've included some
>>> packages already taken by KB_SBo
>>> Fix my list, I'll take these:
>>> gis/saga-gis
>>> gis/SFCGAL
>>> gis/xplanet
>>> libraries/libkml
>>> I reserve to take some more by the category gis or academic if 
>>> remaining
>>> orphaned
>> Giancarlo,
>> If you are interested, take as many orphaned gis/ an academic/ as you
>> like!  The qgis and some deps, I grabbed to help out Rich and I'll be
>> working on those today.
>> I also took gis/xplanet, but may not have time to do an update for
>> awhile.  If you want xplanet, take it.
>> -kb
> Thanks KB. At the moment I'm working on saga-gis. I adapted the 
> slackbuild to the last release and it works fine in my system, but 
> cmake does not find an optional dependency, so I'm testing the build 
> with various configurations. After saga-gis I try SFCGAL and then 
> xplanet if is not still updated.
I saw that some packages do not need updates, because I think the 
authors have dropped the development (for example xplanet).

I grabbed also *pdal*, the update is almost ready, but I'm studying how 
to install automatically various optional dependencies if detected: 
unlike gdal, pdal enables various plugins only if users set explicitly 
respectives flags in cmake (DBUILD_PLUGIN_X=ON). Some dependencies have 
no slackbuilds in SBo, so they have to be created next time.

Giancarlo Dessì

Slackware Linux... because it works!

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