[Slackbuilds-users] labplot2 slackbuild

Greg Tourte artourter at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 16:18:02 UTC 2023

Hi Fellype,

I was trying to compile labplot2 on current but it kept on failing so I
investigated and although the issue I found seems to only stop compilation
on current, it is still an issue in -stable.

In the build script, it runs ./compile before going through cmake and its
options. However, what ./compile does is actually running cmake with its
own options and then run make with the -j6 flag. On -stable that seems to
work and therefore continues to run cmake with the default slackware flags
and the flags added in the script, and run make again, effectively
compiling labplot2 twice, including once with -j6 which could be
problematic on some systems.

For some reason, on -current, trying to make without the
-DENABLE_READSTAT=OFF flag provided to cmake, the compilation fails. That
flag is added to the cmake options in the slackbuild but not in the
./compile script which the script runs first.

Here is a patch to fix that issue.

Hope this helps


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