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Fellype fellype at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 17:57:13 UTC 2023

Hi Greg,

Em seg., 14 de ago. de 2023 às 13:18, Greg Tourte <artourter at gmail.com>

> Hi Fellype,
> I was trying to compile labplot2 on current but it kept on failing so I
> investigated and although the issue I found seems to only stop compilation
> on current, it is still an issue in -stable.
> In the build script, it runs ./compile before going through cmake and its
> options. However, what ./compile does is actually running cmake with its
> own options and then run make with the -j6 flag. On -stable that seems to
> work and therefore continues to run cmake with the default slackware flags
> and the flags added in the script, and run make again, effectively
> compiling labplot2 twice, including once with -j6 which could be
> problematic on some systems.
> For some reason, on -current, trying to make without the
> -DENABLE_READSTAT=OFF flag provided to cmake, the compilation fails. That
> flag is added to the cmake options in the slackbuild but not in the
> ./compile script which the script runs first.
> Here is a patch to fix that issue.
> Hope this helps
> Thank you very much for pointing out the issue. I'll test and apply the
patch you've provided.

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