[Slackbuilds-users] [python3-setuptools] A Question about a SlackBuild.

Arnaud arnaud.garcia-fernandez at laposte.net
Fri Jun 9 07:44:46 UTC 2023

Hi everybody !

	I'm facing a slight problem.
I've updated python3-dulwich, apparently more than a month ago.
It is used by Kallithea and hg-git which I also maintain, I'm not using hg-git
often, but I have a working and updated Kallithea service around.
Well it seems I didn't test this update as throughly as I thought.
Or at all, for that matter.

The build is broken and produces those files :


That, obviously, doesn't work as expected.

The problem resides in the python-setuptools package of Slackware 15.0 which is
at version 57.5.0.
In dulwich/pyproject.toml lies the answer :
requires = ["setuptools>=61.2"]

Here I've got three solutions :

 * revert dulwich to earlier version, 0.21.3, and wait for Slackware 15.1.

 * create a python3-setuptools package which'll overwrite Slackware's stock
python-setuptools with a newer version. Could even name it python-setuptools for
obvious, and transparent, replacement. It'll probably be updated naturally when
Slackware releases 15.1 is out.
 -> I have it working with latest setuptools 67.8.0, and dulwich builds fine.

 * somehow prepare a local setuptools to use for building dulwich, adding the
source to dulwich's info file, and building both while installing only dulwich.

Does anyone have any advice on that ?
I mean, apart from the obvious « test your friggin' SlackBuilds before
submitting them », I've got it in a loop between my ears, and in French...

 - Yth.

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