[Slackbuilds-users] Fwd: [Fish-users] fish 3.6.1 released

B. Watson urchlay at slackware.uk
Sat Mar 25 20:56:38 UTC 2023

On Sat, 25 Mar 2023, Luna Jernberg wrote:

> Alright, have to learn more about how Slackbuilds work but maybe i
> will after that, not exactly sure how doinst.sh scripts and all works
> yet, should think about it, or maybe someone else thats more
> experienced and have time can take it over?

Actually, I just tried building fish-3.6.1 with the existing
SlackBuild (with 'export VERSION=3.6.1' in the environment) and it
builds fine and seems to create a working package.

So if you're considering taking over this build, it should be a
minimal amount of work for you: you'd just update VERSION and BUILD in
the script, and VERSION, DOWNLOAD, MD5SUM in the .info file.

After doing that, you'd want to actually install and run the new
version of fish and make sure it works correctly. I don't use fish,
so I don't know all of what constitures "correctly"... but it at least
seems to give me a shell where I can type commands, and "help" brings
up a browser (which was highly unexpected by me, I thought it'd just
print some information to the terminal, like bash does). So it passes
at least 'basic functionality' tests.

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