[Slackbuilds-users] Fwd: [Fish-users] fish 3.6.1 released

Luna Jernberg droidbittin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 03:10:10 UTC 2023

Attaching an updated working Slackbuild package :)

Might need some of you more advance Slackbuilders to mentor me, for
bigger changes however and read the Wiki pages that Dave linked me
(will take care of that when i have more energy having a cold at the
moment, but this one works for me on current and should work on 15.0 i

On 3/25/23, B. Watson <urchlay at slackware.uk> wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Mar 2023, Luna Jernberg wrote:
>> Alright, have to learn more about how Slackbuilds work but maybe i
>> will after that, not exactly sure how doinst.sh scripts and all works
>> yet, should think about it, or maybe someone else thats more
>> experienced and have time can take it over?
> Actually, I just tried building fish-3.6.1 with the existing
> SlackBuild (with 'export VERSION=3.6.1' in the environment) and it
> builds fine and seems to create a working package.
> So if you're considering taking over this build, it should be a
> minimal amount of work for you: you'd just update VERSION and BUILD in
> the script, and VERSION, DOWNLOAD, MD5SUM in the .info file.
> After doing that, you'd want to actually install and run the new
> version of fish and make sure it works correctly. I don't use fish,
> so I don't know all of what constitures "correctly"... but it at least
> seems to give me a shell where I can type commands, and "help" brings
> up a browser (which was highly unexpected by me, I thought it'd just
> print some information to the terminal, like bash does). So it passes
> at least 'basic functionality' tests.
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