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alkos333 me at alkos333.net
Sun Dec 9 14:19:47 UTC 2007

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All that was needed was Goffice, version bump for libgsf, and intltool
which is already on SlackBuilds.org
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On Nov 22, 2007 12:58 AM, Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net> wrote:
> alkos333 a écrit :
> > Hash: SHA1
> >
> > I'm thinking about writing a SlackBuild for Gnumeric.  Would somebody
> > be willing to help out with the dependencies?
> >
> > The dependency list can be obtained here:
> > http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnumeric/downloads.shtml
> >
> Until recently, I've been busy writing a series of SlackBuild scripts
> for a "complete" XFCE desktop with a handful of GNOME apps. Then, maybe
> two weeks ago and after much time of experimenting, I decided it was
> much less hassle to strip down KDE (see http://kdemod.ath.cx) than to
> beef up XFCE. But of course, I still have what I did so far.
> Take a look at http://kikinovak.free.fr/slackware/12.0.
> There's a tarball gnome-minimal.tar.bz2, and I also put the
> (uncompressed) content of the tarball online, for your convenience, so
> you can browse through it. (My upload speed is not very high, and as I
> am writing this message, it's only at 13%, you may have to wait a bit...)
> I've included the sources, since retrieving coherent sources for GNOME
> can be a bit of an adventure (and you'll understand why Patrick
> Volkerding left GNOME out, by the way :oD).
> You don't have to spend a whole weekend trying to build the minimal
> GNOME libs, I've already done the work for you. There's a master build
> script build.sh: this script reads the contents of the plain text file
> slackware/packages, builds one package after another, puts them all in
> the slackware/ directory and installs them. Of course, you're free to
> alter that to suit your convenience.
> I've already posted a message about a minimal set of GNOME libs to this
> list, but didn't get much response. You'll understand that one of the
> main reasons to switch to KDE is the "unmaintainability" of GNOME.
> Anyway: enjoy!
> Niki
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