[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20071213

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu Dec 13 14:15:42 UTC 2007

Thu Dec 13 14:05:03 UTC 2007
graphics/tesseract: Fixed the script (and README) to note the requirement 
  of language packs.  Thanks to Bill Kirkpatrick for the report.  --rworkman
libraries/clucene: Added - CLucene is a C++ port of Lucene, a full-featured 
  text search engine written in C++.  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
libraries/rasqal: Added - Rasqal is a library providing full support for 
  querying Resource Description Framework (RDF).  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.
libraries/redland: Added - Redland is a library that provides a high-level 
  interface for the Resource Description Framework (RDF).
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
network/rtl-wifi: Added - this provides support for Realtek wireless cards 
  based on rtl8187 or rtl8180 chipsets.  Thanks to Christophe Nguyen.
system/rxvt-unicode: Updated for version 8.7.  Thanks to Duane Dohrman,
  our new maintainer for the rxvt-unicode script.  --rworkman

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