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Erik Hanson erik at slackbuilds.org
Mon Jul 9 21:46:07 UTC 2007

On Jul 07, 2007, at  8:29 PM, Chess Griffin wrote:

> will fetch the source, check the md5sum, and build the packages for foo
> and then foo2.  Since we are working with Slackware, it does not resolve
> dependencies and it does not automatically install the package for you.
>  :-)  It's just a minor time-saver since you don't have to cd into
> different directories, download the source, check the md5sum, and run
> the slackbuild manually.

I'm probably really biased as I've used bash+dialog for anything interactive
for years now (picking that up off Pat mostly) but I'd like to see any sort
of script like that have some user interaction. The reason I say this is
because whether you use dialog or something as simple as 'read' you make it
possible to display the README (contained in the app.tar.gz) and then pause
for the user to consider to continue or break out. In our perfect world, the
README should list required and/or optional deps.

Ultimately it's up to the user/admin to know what's going on, and presenting
that info to them makes it easier in a semi-automated way. I won't even start
on automatic dep resolving/checking because we've all been down that path too
many times and we all know the end result.

On that note, I'm unclear as to whether your script tries to hide the rsync
business or not. If not, you might want to consider something like -havzP
--stats --delete-after, rsync(1) should detail this for you. Otherwise get
rid of -v.

Erik Hanson
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