[Slackbuilds-users] Mozilla NSS [was: Update - 20070513]

Bruno Gomes brunopereiragomes at gmail.com
Mon May 14 19:07:25 UTC 2007

Ok, that has improved my point of view. I use -current and I made a
build from slackbuild packages by using GnuTLS.
If an official package is available on slackware -current then I will use it.

Thanks a lot!
Bruno Gomes

On 5/14/07, Patrick J. Volkerding <volkerdi at slackware.com> wrote:
> Robby Workman wrote:
> > As you saw in our old SlackBuild script, we were using GnuTLS due
> > to the fact that Pidgin wouldn't compile against the standalone
> > mozilla-nss package.  For us, that's not a problem, but for
> > Slackware proper, adding gnutls to 11.0's /patches would require
> > also adding libgpg-error and libgcrypt, while mozilla-nss only
> > required adding itself, so Pat elected to add mozilla-nss instead.
> > If the Pidgin sources had documented that they needed a non-standard
> > mozilla-nss to build against, or had I been super-l33t like Eric  ;-)
> > I would have elected to build our version against it instead of
> > GnuTLS.
> I think it's also good to note that pidgin for -current will continue to
> use GnuTLS.  This is because adding GnuPG2 already added all of the
> prerequisites for GnuTLS, and because GnuTLS linked with pidgin without
> needing any files added to it.
> I guess the point I'm making is that if you run -current, adding
> mozilla-nss is not necessary, unless you want to run gaim-1.5.0.
> Take care,
> Pat
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