[Slackbuilds-users] Slackbuild for nagios 3.x

Greg Martin gmartin at gmartin.org
Thu Jul 10 19:50:15 UTC 2008

I think I have a lot of this worked out.  I built a separate script for 
the nagios plugins that installs the plugins below /usr/share/nagios in 
a. /plugins directory.  Is this a no-no?  That is to have one package 
install below another?  Seems like a good idea on one-hand to keep 
everything together.  On the other hand, I can hear someone say "the two 
should be independent" and I can understand that as well.  Guidance, anyone?

Next issue - there is an external command directory that typically gets 
setup as /var/lib/nagios/rw.  It needs special permissions and is 
something that always trips me up.  Would be appropriate to add the 
creation and configuration of this directory into the doinst.sh?

And along those lines, I've specified both packages to use the 
nagios.nagios user/group pair.  Should I create the user & group? or is 
that a no-no?


Greg Martin wrote:
> Andrew Brouwers wrote:
>> Hi Greg,
>> I've never used nagios, but as a general rule, /usr/local is reserved
>> for per-system stuff.  As you'll probably notice, nothing really gets
>> put there by default.  Do you have a good reason for those components
>> to move from /usr/share?  It is usually a better place for such
>> components.  To see which packages on your installed system have used
>> /usr/local up until now, try:
>> grep usr/local /var/log/packages/* | grep -v aaa_base
>> That should give you a good idea as to how many slack packages
>> consider /usr/local to be the correct spot :>
>> Also, I think /var/lib is the better place for application-specific
>> processes.  Check out /var and /var/lib on a slackware box, and you
>> can see the differences.
>> Just my opinions; good luck!
>> Andrew
> OK, good tips from you & Cherife.  My ignorance is coming hrough nicely!
> So, here's a revision
> main nagios exe - /usr/bin
> cgi exes - /usr/share/nagios/cgi
> web interface root - /usr/share/nagios
> run file - /var/run/nagios.lock
> config dir - /etc/nagios
> plugins - /usr/share/nagios/plugins
> Another question I have.  The --prefix in Stefano's script points to 
> /usr/lib/nagios.  What would be appropriate for that?  /usr/share/nagios?
> \\Greg
>> On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 10:43 AM, Greg Martin <gmartin at gmartin.org> 
>> wrote:
>>> I have been using a slackbuild script to compile nagios 2.x for a 
>>> couple
>>> years.  The script was written by Stefano Stabellini.  Now that 3.x is
>>> available, I thought it would be a good idea to review the script 
>>> and update
>>> it for 3.x.  As I've only hacked through a couple of these, I seek 
>>> some wise
>>> counsel before I change too much.
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