[Slackbuilds-users] Fwd: bug on openbox package

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Thu Jul 10 21:51:48 UTC 2008

Phillip Warner wrote:
> Attached is the diff for the slackBuild.  xinitrc.openbox-session
> (not shown in the diff) is the same as the old xinitrc.openbox file.
> I tested the new script and everything seems to work great.  You can
> easily see the difference between running openbox and openbox-session
> on a default profile because with the later the autostart file causes
> the background to change (the other will just leave the root image
> the same as in the KDM screen).
> It also might be a good idea to add better config file support in the
> doinst.sh file for the files under /etc/xdg/openbox.  That way
> upgrading openbox won't necessarily overwrite your default menu and
> autostart.sh file.  They will create .new files instead.  There are
> plenty of examples of this in other slackBuild scripts.
> --phil


Thank you very much for doing this.  I'm sorry I have not had time to 
test this yet and it might be another several days before I do.  Things 
have gotten crazy for me again... the people who were supposed to buy my 
house bailed out and now I have to get out of an apartment lease and 
move my wife and kids back into the house.  It's a pretty sucky 
situation.  :/

In the meantime, if any of the admins want to test and approve I'm ok 
with that too.  I don't want to be the one holding up a good update.

Sorry for the delays on my part.


Chess Griffin
GPG Key:  0x0C7558C3

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