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Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Mon Mar 24 10:22:44 EDT 2008

For reasons due to personal itch scratching, I've been working on a 
little tool called 'sbopkg' to interact with a local copy of the SBo 
mirror.  It can be used via cli only or with a dialog interface similar 
to that seen in other Slackware tools.  Sbopkg will allow the user to 
rsync and browse a local copy of the SBo repository, read the SBo 
ChangeLog, and view the README, SlackBuild, .info, and slack-desc files 
for each package. Sbopkg will also allow the user to select packages to 
build and it will download the source code, check the md5sum, and build 
a Slackware package.

I have been testing it myself for awhile now and it's been working ok, 
though YMMV.  Anyway, I just uploaded the code and created a version 
0.0.1 tarball and noarch package for folks to check out.  There are two 
man pages that are installed which should explain most of the features. 
  There's still lots to do on this tool, as well as some needed 
improvements -- especially on the package building part -- and fixes 
that I plan to work on, so my TODO list is growing. 
Ideas/suggestions/patches are welcomed.  :-)  I'm also in #slackbuilds 
and ##slackware (nick _chess_ or cng) if you want to chat about it.

You can read more about sbopkg, check out the fancy screenshots, and 
download the tarball or noarch package here:


Finally, although I spent many hours pouring over scripts written by 
Patrick, Eric Hameleers, PiterPunk, and many others, in an attempt to 
discern the Way of Scripting, I doubt I was entirely successful. 
Therefore, all errors and omissions, while unintentional, are purely my 
own.  ;-)

Chess Griffin
GPG Key:  0x0C7558C3

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