[Slackbuilds-users] openbox slackBuild: minor fix and suggestions for xinit scripts

Phillip Warner pc_warner at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 22:29:04 EDT 2008

No problem, Chess.  I'm glad to be of help!  It looks like it got uploaded on the site recently.

I wonder how long until 12.1 is out?  (probably the usual:  Whenever Pat says it is ready :)  )

Chess Griffin <chess at chessgriffin.com> wrote: Phillip Warner wrote:
> Sounds great.  I just sent you an updated tarball.
> I attached a diff to this email so everyone can see the changes I made and take part in tweaking them if desired.
> *) The extra xinit scripts are not installed by default and can be selected for install in the script or in the commandline.
> *) All the xinit scripts are now copied to /usr/doc/openbox
> *) The openbox-kde-session and openbox-gnome-session mini scripts in /usr/bin are moved to /usr/doc/openbox if their respective xinit script is not installed.
> Sorry about the slow response.  I just received the digest tonight.
> --phil

This looks great and works fine here.  I tested it without any changes 
and also with the KDE option, and then ran openbox in KDE -- not bad, 
actually, :-)

Anyway, I think this update should go in.  I know a big update just went 
out but maybe it can go in the next one before 12.1?  Admins - how do 
you want to handle since submission form is closed?

Thanks for doing this, Phil.

Chess Griffin
GPG Key:  0x0C7558C3

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