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Robby Workman wrote:
> Bob Lounsbury wrote:
>> Very interesting. I like the idea and have a question. Is there any
>> way to make local changes to the SlackBuild script and then build the
>> package with your sbopkg tool? I'm assuming that rsync creates local
>> copies of SlackBuilds.org. I'm only asking because I also use
>> Slacintosh and I have modified several SlackBuild scripts to compile
>> successfully on powerpc. I guess this question could also relate to
>> changing the SlackBuild script locally for any other reason also, not
>> just for powerpc stuff.
> Hmm... good question.
> Now, I'm not going to be one of those who throws feature requests out
> for SOMEONE ELSE to implement, but perhaps something to use $EDITOR
> or $VISUAL from the environment would be trivial to implement... :)
> -RW

Bob -- yes, good point.  Since this script displays the files in your 
local mirror, any manual changes you have made would be there, but as 
far as editing the files from within sbopkg, that's not there yet, 
although it's a great idea.  I like Robby's idea of using $EDITOR to 
edit the SlackBuild from within sbopkg and that should be easy to do.

I'll add it to the TODO.

Chess Griffin
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You might want to consider adding a feature where you can have certain vars in the SlackBuilds automatically changed after a new script is downloaded.  You could use something like sed to change the defaults for vars like
and maybe even some common vars like OPENGL (YES/NO?).
Using something like this, your tool will be much more powerful.  You just need to be sure you have strict rules for sed so you aren't, for instance, changing a noarch program into one for powerpc, etc.

I still think manually editing the scripts is important.  The above feature just might save some time.

For the downloads:  I recommend putting them all in one directory and just symlinking to the program archive from the slackBuild folder.


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