[Slackbuilds-users] grub version 2

Michael Wagner lapinours at web.de
Tue Mar 25 16:21:46 EDT 2008

Alan Hicks wrote:
> I've personally done a bit of testing of GRUB in -current.  While I 
> can't say what about e2fsprogs-1.40.8 broke GRUB, I can say that 
> adding that 256 inode patch back in let GRUB boot my ext3 root 
> partition without problems. If you're having trouble with it, might 
> want to give that a look.  It's simply commented out of the SlackBuild 
> script at the moment.
This patch is also working for me and I still wonder why it has been 
commented out on build 5.  But as long as grub legacy isn't actively 
maintained, problems like this will become more frequent. That is why I 
have tested grub's second version and found it useable for me (ext3 

Thanks for your replies,


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