[Slackbuilds-users] [ANN]: sbo-dev-helper project

Grissiom chaos.proton at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 12:12:39 UTC 2009

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 7:42 AM, Niels Horn <niels.horn at gmail.com> wrote:
> Some more suggestions... (hey, you asked for it :D )
> 1) config file
> Instead of entering mu name & e-mail every time (they don't change
> that much), save them in a file called /etc/sbo-dev-helver.cfg
> 2) template.info / slack-desc.template
> It was not very clear what should be in these files, but I think I
> managed to build them by reading the scripts.
> 3) new_pkg
> - It warns when "approved" is not set, but AFAIK it shouldn't
> - The md5sum check does not always work. Some download links simply do
> not end with the filename... :( So I guess this should be a warning,
> not an error
> - I think the solution to add files can be improved. I have several
> SlackBuilds with extra files (patches / README.Slackware / etc.). I
> suggest adding everything to the tarball, *except*: *.tar.?g* / *~ /
> <other_backup_files>

Hello Niels Horn and anyone interested,

I implemented all the suggestions except for the last one which is
still in hot debate and pushed my local changes to gitorious.

And guys, maybe I won't have enough time to heavily develop it in the
following month. I have to prepare for a examination hold in 9th, Jan
2010. However, I will follow any discussions here and anyone can
create an "Issue" in
http://code.google.com/p/sbo-dev-helper/issues/list where I will check
after the examination. Thanks for everyone participated~ ;-)


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