[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20091221

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Mon Dec 21 16:12:23 UTC 2009

Mon Dec 21 16:09:47 UTC 2009
academic/gtkwave: Added - GTKWave is a fully featured GTK+ based wave viewer.
  Thanks to Stephen Van Berg.  --rworkman
desktop/nitrogen: Added - Nitrogen is a background browser and setter for X.
  Thanks to G Edward Whiteside.  --rworkman
development/cppcheck: Added - Cppcheck is an analysis tool for C/C++ code.
  Thanks to Sean Donner.  --rworkman
development/perl-Bit-Vector: Added - Bit::Vector is an efficient bit vector,
  set of integers and "big int" math library.  Thanks to Marco Bonnetti.
development/perl-Carp-Clan: Added - Carp::Clan report errors from perspective
  of caller of a "clan" of modules.  Thanks to Marco Bonnetti.
development/perl-Class-Gomor: Added - Class::Gomor is yet another class
  builder.  Thanks to Marco Bonnetti.
development/perl-Math-Base85: Added - Math::Base85 is a module for handling
  base 85 numbers.  Thanks to Marco Bonnetti.
development/perl-Net-IPv4Addr: Added - Net::IPv4Addr provides functions for
  parsing IPv4 addresses both in traditional address/netmask format and in
  the new CIDR format.  Thanks to Marco Bonnetti.
development/perl-Net-IPv6Addr: Added - Net::IPv6Addr checks strings for valid
  IPv6 addresses, as specified in RFC1884.  Thanks to Marco Bonnetti.
development/perl-Net-Libdnet: Added - Net::Libdnet is a set of perl bindings
  for Dug Song's libdnet.  Thanks to Marco Bonnetti.
development/perl-Net-Packet:  Added - Net::Packet is a unified framework to
  craft, send and receive packets at layers 2, 3, 4 and 7.
  Thanks to Marco Bonnetti.
development/perl-Net-Write: Added - Net::Write provides a portable interface
  to open a network interface, and be able to write raw data directly to the
  network.  Thanks to Marco Bonnetti.
games/bsnes: Updated for version 0.58.
misc/ibus: Updated for version  Thanks to Grissiom.  -RW
misc/ibus-anthy: Updated for version
  Thanks to Ozan Türkyılm.  --rworkman
misc/ibus-pinyin: Updated for version
  Thanks to Grissiom.  --rworkman
misc/ibus-qt: Updated for version
  Thanks to Grissiom.  --rworkman
multimedia/k9copy: Updated for version 2.3.4.  Thanks to Roberto Neri.  -RW
multimedia/mkvtoolnix: Updated for version 3.0.0.
network/framework: Updated for version 3.3.2.  Thanks to Marco Bonnetti.  -RW
network/libdnet: Added - libdnet provides a simplified, portable interface 
  to several low-level networking routines. 
  Thanks to Marco Bonnetti.  --rworkman
network/mldonkey: Updated for version 3.0.1.  Thanks to Grissiom.  --rworkman
network/znc: Updated for version 0.076.  Thanks to Sean Donner.  --rworkman
office/mupdf: Added - MuPDF is a lightweight PDF viewer and toolkit.
  Thanks to Valeriy Timchenko.  --rworkman
system/tkdvd: Added - TkDVD is a GUI to dvd+rw-tools and cdrecord.
  Thanks to Luis Henrique.  --rworkman

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