[Slackbuilds-users] Package Build Issues

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Mon Feb 2 01:17:21 UTC 2009

On Sun, 1 Feb 2009, Robby Workman wrote:

> Based on the prior troubles you've had, I've noticed a common thread: all
> of them involved restoring stuff from a backup tape.  This is going to
> come across a bit "asshole-ish," and I'll go ahead and apologize in
> advance for that, but...  I think you need to reconsider the way you're
> doing things, as it's obviously not ideal.


   I apologize if my response came across as harsh. I did not mean to be

   I've basicly spend the past two weeks trying to determine what broke in
the -12.1 to -12.2 upgrade on my main machine. Even with the help of an
experienced SysAdmin who's been running Slackware for years we could not
figure out just what happened. During this time I got no business done, and
for a self-employed consultant that's very expensive.

   While I'm not a computer professional like you and many others on this
list (yes, you're a teacher, but spend a great deal of time learning linux
and Slackware inside out). I use it as a tool, and have run my business on
linux since mid-1997. I've also written code in FORTRAN, C, and now Python
so I'm not naive about issues. That's why I'm so frustrated that the upgrade
did not work as expected and that something in the /etc/ directory kept
getting in the way of a running system.

   If, with help of gurus such as yourself, I can identify why some
SlackBuild scripts bail out during the configure phase because they cannot
find libraries that were installed during the clean -12.2 installation, I'll
be well prepared in the future. I've found four such applications
(tinyerp-client, taskjuggler, wxGTK, apcupsd), while I've successfully built
29 apps over the past couple of days from SlackBuild scripts. It would be
very helpful to learn why those four fail.



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