[Slackbuilds-users] Wish for acroread (version 8.1.3)

Didier Spaier didier.spaier at epsm.fr
Tue Mar 24 22:38:31 UTC 2009

Le mardi  24 mars 2009 à 23:11:52 Heinz Wiesinger a écrit :
> On Tuesday 24 March 2009 09:17:28 Didier Spaier wrote:
> > Le mardi 25 mars 2009 05:55:45 Robby Workman, vous avez écrit :
> > > When the next Adobe version is released, fire off a reminder email to
> > > Heinz and me, and one of us will do that.  Heinz maintains the acroread
> > > script now, but it was originally one of mine, I think -- I have no
> > > idea why I put stuff in /opt/acroread instead of /opt/Adobe anyway...
> >
> > Till version 5  released in 2003 the product was called Acrobat Reader,
> > see http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobe_Reader.
> > My guess is they changed the installation path to reflect the change
> > of product's name and to put all Adobe products in one place.
> Adobe was supposed to release a security fix for Adobe Reader on March 11th, 
> which I haven't found so far. I guess it should be out "soon".
> On the naming front, I don't have any problems with changing the name for 
> script/package from acroread to adobe-reader, neither do I have something 
> against changing the install location. Robby, what do you think about the 
> rename of script/package?
> I would like to wait a week or two for Adobe to release the security fix before 
> submitting an updated script with those changes.

IMHO this can wait one week or two. Not so big an issue and we have a workaround ;)



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