[Slackbuilds-users] XBMC slackbuild

Zordrak sbo at tpa.me.uk
Mon Sep 21 10:53:21 UTC 2009

Larry Hajali wrote:
> Just a quick update.
> It looks like the XBMC startup script tries to detect direct rendering
> by grepping the glxinfo file.  (Direct rendering is required in order
> for XBMC to work.)  So the exact command it issues is 'glxinfo | grep
> "direct rendering"' in XBMC's FEY.py script.  This won't output
> anything in Slackware 13.0 as glxinfo is now a symlink to glinfo,
> which doesn't have that particular string.  Looking at the Mesa
> slackbuild for the mesa package, glxinfo was one of the intentional
> files left out as it is now deprecated, however, it is compiled by
> mesa.SlackBuild.
> So, XBMC probably wouldn't be a good candidate for slackbuilds.org
> unless there is a patch to remedy direct rendering detection.

The less astute should take note Pat has just patched mesa to include
glxinfo and so I think it's time for xbmc to hit SBo.

It's the greatest application in the world ever. Ok, that's over-stated
but I've made my point.
sbo at tpa.me.uk

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