[Slackbuilds-users] 13.1 Repo Live!

Grigorios Bouzakis grbzks at gmail.com
Sat May 29 12:22:17 UTC 2010

Robby Workman wrote:

> Thu May 27 05:13:34 UTC 2010
> Okay, folks, it's that time again.  We're running a bit 
behind this time,
>   but we think (most of) the kinks are worked out at this 
point.   As we
>   announced on the mailing list a couple of days ago, we've 
spent a *lot* of
>   time and effort getting our entire repository into git, 
so everything is
>   now available there in addition to our "normal" offerings 
(http, ftp, and
>   rsync).  This has not been without a few hiccups along 
the way, and one of
>   them is a mixed blessing: git keeps track of *everything*  
:-)  As such,
>   it seems like too much time/effort involved in providing 
a ChangeLog
>   *this* time to detail what's added, removed, patched, and 
so on;
>   therefore, if you are interested in that (and you should 
be), have a look
>   here:
>   We'll be creating the usual "Slackware-style" 
ChangeLog.txt from this
>   point forward, so don't get too excited about having to 
crawl the git
>   logs... :-)
> Anyway, I (rworkman) would like to take this opportunity to 
thank the other
>   admins for all of the help with this, particularly: Heinz 
Wiesinger for
>   providing lots of git expertise and massive improvements 
to our "system"
>   for managing submissions behind the scenes; Erik Hanson 
for an outstanding
>   job managing the server; David Somero for test-building 
the entire tree on
>   -current to find out what was broken; Ezra Free for 
popping in to fix the
>   occasional "emergency" with the website code; Rob McGee 
for sitting in the
>   shadows (well, mostly) making sure our DNS resolves 
correctly and our mail
>   gets delivered; Michiel van Wessem for the "routine" 
stuff (and laughing
>   at my lame jokes); and for the sake of completeness, Eric 
Hameleers and
>   Alan Hicks for all of the little things that are so often 
>   and/or
>   unrecognized but nonetheless necessary.  Thanks, guys - 
you are sincerely
>   appreciated!
> Finally, thanks to all of you readers for helping bring us 
to where we are
>   today - obviously this applies to those of you who 
maintain various
>   scripts in the repo, as those are the reason anyone 
visits the site - but
>   it also
>   applies to the "normal" users.  Thanks for the feedback, 
the bug reports,
>   the fixes, the word-of-mouth recommendations on forums 
and mailing lists,
>   and so on - we appreciate your votes of confidence.  That 
being said,
>   there are almost surely some bugs lurking in this first 
batch of public
>   offerings,
>   but maybe we can get those shaken out pretty quickly.  
We're going to wait
>   a few days (maybe even a week or so) before we open the 
submission form
>   back up - this will give us time to knock out any bugs 
that are uncovered.
> Enjoy!  --rworkman

Thanks a lot!
I am curious to see how git will work.


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