[Slackbuilds-users] 13.1 Repo Live! - git stuff

Matteo Bernardini matteo.bernardini at sns.it
Sat May 29 20:44:59 UTC 2010

I forked slackbuilds.org git master, and I checked all the branches I 
had done on the github SBo-git repo against that, branching the changes 
on the new fork.
This is the result:

(sorry for the pastebin link but it wouldn't be much readable in the 
email body)


there are branches with:

- various fixes;

- reverted removals;

- cleanups (I checked the slackbuilds in the old branches I had on 
github :) );

- additions;

- optionals updates to ffmpeg, ffmpegthumbnailer, x264, audacity, 
cherokee, clamav, 2ManDVD, gst-plugins-bad, gst-plugins-ugly, 
gst-python, kino, wormux;

- downgrades for things that seems to break.

I checked only the stuff I build usually, and I'll try soon a full build 
of all my packages from scratch using a new "current" branch in which 
I'll merge all the others (and that I'll configure in sbopkg).

I know subsmission are not open, but feel free to have a look if you 
like, I hope something can be useful :)


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