[Slackbuilds-users] python stuff under /usr/share

Marco Bonetti sid77 at slackware.it
Thu Aug 25 14:34:59 UTC 2011

Hello all,
I'm trying to build a package for pysvn and its dependency PyCXX.
The latter is quite hard to build right: setup.py is configured to install include files under /usr/include/python2.6/CXX and "source" files under /usr/share/python2.6/CXX. As I dind't find anything related to /usr/share/python2.6 in Slackware but it looks ok from the respective debian/rule I think it's a debianism used by the source code mantainer. On the other hand, I have some locally installed python packages which put stuff under /usr/share/packagename (like pygtk and pygobject).

My first try was to install stuff under /usr/share/CXX, unfortunately the supplied demo will not work as they looks for files in /usr/share/python2.6/CXX (hardcoded). When I moved to pysvn, same problem applies: search path is hardcoded as /usr/share/python2.6/CXX but, this time, I was able to supply an extra path using the --pycxx-src-dir switch.

What should I do now?
1) installing files under /usr/share/python2.6/CXX so both the demos and pysvn build with no changes at all
2) installing files under /usr/share/CXX and use pysvn setup.py switch to point to the right folder

To me option number 2 looks best but it will probably mean more work for everyone who needs to build anything against PyCXX as there is no pkgconfig or anything similar which will tell you where needed files are.


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