[Slackbuilds-users] python stuff under /usr/share

Audrius Kažukauskas audrius at neutrino.lt
Sat Aug 27 15:49:05 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-08-25 at 16:34:59 +0200, Marco Bonetti wrote:
> I'm trying to build a package for pysvn and its dependency PyCXX.
> The latter is quite hard to build right: setup.py is configured to
> install include files under /usr/include/python2.6/CXX and "source"
> files under /usr/share/python2.6/CXX. As I dind't find anything
> related to /usr/share/python2.6 in Slackware but it looks ok from the
> respective debian/rule I think it's a debianism used by the source
> code mantainer. On the other hand, I have some locally installed
> python packages which put stuff under /usr/share/packagename (like
> pygtk and pygobject).

If "source" files are usual .py files, ideally they should go to
/usr/lib{,64}/python2.6/site-packages, but I suspect this is not the
case with PyCXX.

> What should I do now?
> 1) installing files under /usr/share/python2.6/CXX so both the demos
> and pysvn build with no changes at all
> 2) installing files under /usr/share/CXX and use pysvn setup.py switch
> to point to the right folder
> To me option number 2 looks best but it will probably mean more work
> for everyone who needs to build anything against PyCXX as there is no
> pkgconfig or anything similar which will tell you where needed files
> are.

I also think option 2 is nicer, but if it creates more troubles for
PyCXX users, it's probably better to stick with defaults, as ugly as
they are.

Audrius Kažukauskas
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